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Look at the serial number   Abe Lincoln signed this  Everett Hunt with his back to Bryce Canyon
Grand Canyon 2009 Starting down S. Kaibab trail with 40 pounds on my back and 7.6 miles to the bottom  Indian ruins by the Colorado bottom of the Grand Canyon  Fire ants were everywhere
Pack mules on the way to Phantom Ranch  Trail Junction to the Bright Angel Trail; 10.6 miles to the top  Devil's Corkscrew on the So. Kaibab. 
 Big Horn ram blocked the way about 2 miles from the top on Br. Angel Trail On the way to Marcy Dam  This is why I carry an industrial size can of mace as backup when out in the woods. 
5.5 miles of this will get you to the top of MT. Marcy   Alpine Zone somewhere around 4000 ft above sea level  Higher up the trees are stunted. This is nearing the tree line altitude.
At the top of Marcy, a mile above sea level and 3000 feet above the trail head.   I think this ia a dwarf birch near Marcy summit   Two kayaks will fit in a Pontiac Vibe
Hemlock Lake 2010   Genesee River near the put in point at Fillmore Old Farmer's almanac befor the cover was standardized by Nichols in 1851 
Trail head for Mt. Washington 2009   180 deg. turn from the pic on the left.  First couple of miles on the Ammonoosuc were easy. The rest was not.
 Lake of the Clouds Hut managed by the Appalachian Trail Conference. I made it in 3.5 hrs from the parking lot at 9PM Above 5500 feet on Mt Washington Lake of the Clouds. I would love to Kayak this but lugging the thing there would kill me. 
I may look like an old duffer, but this was 26 hrs with no sleep. The rain pants were useful if not stylish  These Volkswagon size boulders can be seen from the parking lot at the bottom. I thought they were fist-size from there   Best way down from the summit of Mt. Washington, in my opinion
View from Mt. Washington a mile down the Jewell  Mum season 2010  Western end of the FLT near Quaker Lake,PA Oct. 2009 
Top of Buck Mountain near Lake George   Buck Mtn. with Lake George in the background  Bryce Canyon. Left a dime in the dirt for pick up at a later time. If Jeremy doesn't give the secret away. 
Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon  We ate what we damn well pleased out west.  Noyes Pharmacy
Original Farmer's Almanac first edition, the actual copy used in the illustration in the 100th year issue of 1892  Pitus Peston and the Gods of Oman set in letterpress  Printer's tools in letterpress 
View of Grand Canyon from the South Rim at So. Kaibab trail.  Grand Canyon looking north from South rim   Everett Hunt on left and Joe Bell on right 2007
Monument Valley 2009  Pitus found the ship on the butte to the right  Top of Mt. Marcy 2008  Gib ate Delicious but not nutritious so did I
Pompeii 2003  Street in Pompeii with Vesuvius in distance  Book stall in Rome